FiinPro Data Digest #1: Vietnam Stock Market from Data Analytics Perspective

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FiinPro Data Digest #1: Vietnam Stock Market from Data Analytics Perspective

The year 2019 has just passed with unattractive stock market performance as VN-Index posted 7.7% growth. Looking back to a longer horizontal, VN-Index only increased by 76% in the past 5 years and by 94% in the past decade, equaling to 12% and 6.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) respectively. This performance was quite low, and to some extent, was disappointing by the investment community in the context of strong macroeconomic fundamentals recently in Vietnam.

So, what is the prospect for stock market in 2020 and in the next 5 years? This is very challenging questions to any data and research houses. However, we wish to provide some analysis and views from our data analyzing perspective with a hope to better serve our data clients and also our growing client base who are brokers, traders and investors subscribing our FiinTrade Platform.

Our Data Analytics team has analyzed and presented data in the simplest way to help customers understand the market performance in 2019 and trying to assessing its implications for 2020 where it is possible. The market data mostly covers HOSE, HNX, UPCOM, except for some noted tables that are made up of data from HOSE only. For financial data, we covered also public but unlisted companies. In this report, we use Level 2 under Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) for analyzing the sector performance.

This is our first issue of "FiinPro Data Digest“ under a series of reports that we plan to carry out in coming time to serve FiinGroup customers and subscribers of FiinPro Platform and FiinTrade Platform. We will endeavor to produce the next reports to help customers have more in depths of some aspects in the market from data analytics perspective.

With the mission "Enlighten the Market" and data strength, we constantly strive to bring valuable platforms and tools as well as information and analysis to our customers.

This report has been prepared by our Data Analytics Team under the FiinGroup's Financial Information division. We hope this publication will provide you with useful information.

You can access to download the Report from here. Or would you like to have more insights and data supporting arguments in this Report, please kindly contact us at:

Wishing you a successful year ahead and happy investing!

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