[FiinPro Data] 2018 Earnings Update: 82% of businesses reported profits with a 16% growth

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  [FiinPro Data] 2018 Earnings Update: 82% of businesses reported profits with a 16% growth

According to statistics from FiinPro Platform, as of January 24, 2019, 434 companies announced 2018 business results with 82% reporting profit.

- Total net profit for 2018 of 434 companies (accounting for 26.6% of market capitalization on 3 stock exchanges) reached over VND98 trillion, growing about 16% compared to 2017. However, due to many leading companies have not announced their 2018 business results and this figure may change significantly in the coming time.

- 208 companies completed their 2018 plans, including notable ones such as GAS (188%), VCB (138%) and MBS (139%).

- Large companies with the strongest profit growth last year include MBS (640%), DGC (586%) and NTC (230%).

- By Sectors: Technology, Chemicals and Real Estate enjoyed the highest profit growth, respectively 273%, 80% and 54% compared to 2017. Technology sector saw a surge in profits mainly thanks to SRA (829% growth compared to 2017) while large stocks in the industry such as FPT and CMG have not yet released data.

- In Real estate, there were 26 companies announced 2018 business results, of which the largest is DXG with the profit of nearly VND1,200 billion (up 57% YoY) and NLG with VND761 billion (up 42% YoY). The total profit of above-mentioned 26 companies reached VND4,671 billion (up 54.1% YoY), in which Q4/2018 profit was VND1,937 billion, up 94% compared to Q4 / 2017. Two biggest companies in this sector are VIC and VHM have not released their results yet.

- In Banking, 11/17 listed banks announced 2018 financial statements, with profit growth of 43.2% YoY. Notably, CTG has not announced its business results and could reduce the profit of the whole sector when its Q4 credit decreased by more than VND 26 trillion.

- Overall, 2018 continued to be an outperform year for banking when 6 banks achieved profit growth of over 50%. VCB kept leading role with net profit of nearly VND15 trillion, growing more than 61% compared to 2017 and contributing 33% to this sector’s growth. TCB came next with nearly VND8,500 billion profit, contributing 19% to sector’s growth. VIB saw the biggest break-through with the profit of nearly VND2,200 billion, growing 95.1% compared to 2017.

- Loans and advances to customers at the end of 2018 of 11 above-mentioned banks reached nearly VND1,900 trillion, up 15% from the beginning of the year and 2.9% from the end of Q3/2018. Despite some improvement, VPB still had high NPL ratio of 3.51%, followed by VIB (2.51%) and STB (2.11%).

- Financial services sector had the profit growth rate of 13.5% compared to 2017, in which FTS and MBS were bright spots with the growth of 173.4% and 640.1% respectively. However, Q4/2018 profit of the sector declined 17.7% compared to Q3/2018 due to the influence of large securities companies such as VCI, HCM and VND.

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