StoxPlus Releases New Version of FiinPro® Platform

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 StoxPlus Releases New Version of FiinPro® Platform

StoxPlus announced on January 5 that they have just upgraded its FiinPro® Platform from Version 1.0.3 to Version 1.0.4 with more unique features, functionalities and datasets added.

Key improvements include: (1) Company Snapshot, (2) Vietnam Economic Data, (3) Price Data for Technical Analysis, (4) Market Data including certain level 2, (5) Excel-linked Data Templates and much more to help users optimize their FiinPro experiences.

Among these new features, Company Snapshot allows users to auto-generate Company Insight Report for each company in various forms, high level of personalization and direct to emails for quick references from a database of over 2000 public companies which saves time and workload for investors and investment consultants.

Vietnam Economic Data module provides a panorama of Vietnam financial market with over 100 indices and data groups dedicated to Vietnam. It visualizes data, reduces latency, giving users unique data about macroeconomic, monetary market, state budget revenue, balance of payment, and so on, enhancing investors and analysts’ research ability and trading and investment performance.

“We have a great passion to keep our products “Innovative Always” and to keep pace with market developments and users’ requirements. We differentiate our services from giant international players by insightful databank, diligent product customization and dedicated support services for any other data queries. More than that, we are making great efforts to improve the financial transparency for Vietnamese capital markets and investment environment for any organization having financial exposures in Vietnam, said Nguyen Quang Thuan, CEO of StoxPlus.

FiinPro® Platform, jointly developed with QUICK Corp (Japan)- a subsidiary of NIKKEI- is an essential tool for market screening, analyzing and research Vietnam, covering a complete set of information of over 2000 public companies, macro-economy, and market news in both English and Vietnamese. FiinPro® platform includes information on public company profiles, financial indicators, revenues and profits forecast and hundreds of profitability, liquidity, working capital, leverage ratios for each industry and the market. Besides, FiinPro® also has smart functions such as Stocks Analysis, Stocks Screening, Data Export in Excel and many other tools to support research analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers and financial consultants and other financial professionals.

FiinPro® customers are also supported with our valued added services such as data enquiry, publications and highly practical training workshops based on the FiinPro® data exploitation strength with our local and foreign experts.

FiinPro® is currently subscribed by major foreign and local financial institutions operating in Vietnam including the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and Financial Investment Company of State Capital Investment Corporation (SIC), CJ (Korea), FIDES (Korea), Kusto Group (Kazakhstan), Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC), Agribank Securities Joint Stock Corporation, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (VDSC) and Japan Securities Incorporated (JSI).

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