FiinTrade Platform is coming out in Q4 2019

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FiinTrade Platform is coming out in Q4 2019

FiinTrade Platform – The first comprehensive information database for trading in Vietnamese Stock Market! Launching soon!

FiinTrade is designed to be the first comprehensive information platform for trading in Vietnamese Stock Market, providing basic and level 2 real-time data, in-depth market analysis, news, etc. that assists users to make trading decisions efficiently.

Focusing on market in-depth trading data, FiinTrade is made to served brokers,  active traders, and sophisticated individual investors in Vietnam. It is simple to use and is designed to be intuitive and powerful.

FiinTrade’s main features:

In-depth (level 2) trading data and analytics 

The first comprehensive information product for trading in Vietnamese Stock Market providing basic and also level 2 real-time data, in-depth market analytics.

Real-time premium news

Provides hundreds of real time news from public company announcements and third-party news sources, auto news (generated by systems)

In-depth Trading Analytics

Provides new technology and analytical tools from time and sales charts and VWAP monitors to top stock mover information and financial data visualization

Scoring & Ranking Stock

The scoring and ranking system combined with trading strategy to meet the risk tolerance of each investor, to identify stock trends in the short, medium and long term.

The platform also includes all of the relevant fundamental reference data for Vietnam market, such as confidential research, trading strategy, or expert commentaries.


FiinTrade platform is under developing and is going to be launched in Q4 2019.

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