TN1: Approved the public offering of bonds

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TN1: Approved the public offering of bonds

 The Board resolution dated September 22, 2021, the BOD of TNS Holdings approved the following contents:

1)      Approving the plan to issue bonds to the public with details as follows:

-          Issuer: TNS Holdings

-          Bond name: TNS Holdings bond

-          Par value: 100,000 dongs/bond

-          Bond type: non-convertible bond, unsecured and without warrant

-          Bond term: 36 months

-          Expected offering time: Quarter IV/2021 – Quarter I/2022

-          Offering volume: 4,908,000 bonds

-          Total value (at par value): VND490,800,000,000

-          Offering price: 100% par value, equivalent to VND100,000/bond

-          Interest rate:

+ For the first year: 10%/year;

+ For the next periods: = 2.5% + reference interest

-          Interest payment term: Once every six months

-          Issuance consulting organization: MB Securities Joint Stock Company (MBS).

2)      Approving the dossier of registration for the public offering of bonds.

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