Joint-stock Asia Commercial Bank focuses on investing in financial information system FiinPro® Platform to stimulate market research activities

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Joint-stock Asia Commercial Bank focuses on investing in financial information system FiinPro® Platform to stimulate market research activities

In July 2017, Asia Commercial Bank has officially signed a contract with StoxPlus to use financial information software FiinPro® Platform for research activities. “New technological solutions have been upgraded, those assessment, analysis, management and approval stages... are also integrated with digital to support management process, improve performance, productivity and customer service”– Do Minh Toan, CEO of ACB.

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) was established in 1993 mainly operating in capital mobilization, lending, international payment and investment. Besides, ACB also provides customized products for different customer groups: Family Banking, Phuc An Loc Saving Account (targeting customer with age 50+), E-biz platform for online business (for those customers having online transaction frequently) and other accumulated reserved accounts. ACB is the joint-stock commercial bank leading in the market and the pioneer deploying modern banking services such as MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards since 1996 in Vietnam.

After years of development, ACB has acquired a certain position among Vietnamese banks with a nationwide network of 342 branches and transaction offices. As an active private bank, ACB has high attention in investing data and information system through continuously offering a wide range services and products for customers.

The ACB Executive Board acknowledges the importance and necessity of transparent database. Hence, the company cooperates with StoxPlus to use  FiinPro® Platform - the most comprehensive and integrated software in Vietnam for Research Department to gain an in-depth database of not only more than 1 million registered enterprises in Vietnam but also the industry data, macro data and level II data conducted by certified analysts with ACCA, CPA and CFA qualifications. Data released by FiinPro® Platform improves professionalism of daily reports, financial reports as well as research and development activities.

Moreover, information of more than 3,000 public companies (accounting 70% of Vietnam GDP), industry data including monetary market and macro data are well-updated. Therefore, research specialists at ACB can assertively analyze market movements and propose customers optimal solutions.

Additionally, ACB’s  specialists can optimize time and cost thanks to the assistance of FiinPro® Platform’s intelligent tools such as Analysis, Stock Screening, Investment Strategy, Portfolio Management, Technical Analysis, Real-time Data for Individual Stock, Industry and Market; and Specialized Financial Data in Vietnam.

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