VIR hosting talk show on the stock market stability and sustainability

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VIR hosting talk show on the stock market stability and sustainability

VIR hosted a talk show on April 4 about the stock market's prospects in 2024.

Amid ongoing US inflation challenges, forecasts indicate sustained downward trends. The Fed's proposed interest rate cuts aim to stabilise the USD/VND exchange rate, with potential ripple effects on global markets. In the discussion with VIR, independent financial experts Tong Quoc Dat and Trinh Van Ha delved into the sustainability of current market movements, offering insights into key market drivers and strategies to optimise investment efficiency while managing risks.

On the domestic front, Vietnam's 5.05 per cent growth in 2023 and recent government initiatives to bolster business activities and lower interest rates set the stage for discussions on economic and stock market outlooks for 2024. Additionally, experts analysed trends and assessed the potential trajectory of the VN-Index, exploring factors affecting its recovery and growth.

Besides a lot of positive fulcrums for growth, experts noted that it's imperative to acknowledge additional concerns the market will face in the near future, advising investors to track global GDP growth forecasts, as they closely correlate with the stock market, and monitor evolving global inflation scenarios, especially events that may disrupt supply chains.

"Allocate capital prudently, increase investment during market downturns, and decrease during overvaluation and macroeconomic uncertainties," Tong emphasized to investors. "Pursue long-term investment goals by selecting industries and companies with strong long-term prospects and reasonable valuations, avoiding frequent short-term trading."

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