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Dear our valued FiinPro® users

Dec 7, 2015 - 8:00 AM

Category: Data Releases

With a view to better support our FiinPro® users with having a great experience in your research and generating investment ideas for your operations and your customers, we have taken liberty to provide various supports. As a token of our commitments, we will start to release series of Data Releases from this December 2015.

Data Release #1 (DR#1), based on our data on FiinPro®, provides users with an overview of State ownership of both listed companies and unlisted public companies. Why? as you may notice, the privatization of State-owned enterprises (‘SOEs”) and the so called “divestments from non-core business” under their restructuring plans in Vietnam have been aggressively implemented recently with various initiatives and provided various investment opportunities for those who are interested.

Features of Data Release #1:

  • State-owned capital in HSX and HNX companies
  • State-owned capital in UPCOM and unlisted public companies
  • SOE IPO Plan List
  • SOE Divestment Plan List including those from SCIC

Link Download: http://stoxvn.stox.vn/store/Datasupport/FiinPro_DataRelease1_04122015_Register.pdf

Should you have any questions about the DR#1 or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: StoxPlus

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