5 new outstanding features and upgrades of FiinPro V2.1

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5 new outstanding features and upgrades of FiinPro V2.1

FiinGroup would like to send our sincere thanks to the valued customers who have always supported and trusted us through using the FiinPro Platform. With the motto "Innovative Always", FiinGroup is committed to providing customers with more data, new features and tools in FiinPro Platform.

We would like to inform you that our FiinPro Platform will be updated on Friday, August 30th, 2019 with new outstanding features as follows:

1. Fund Centre: Providing users with comprehensive information about the operation of investment funds in Vietnam, the latest data is constantly updated with visual analysis tools to support your investment and research activities:

Top 10 Growth Funds YTD 2019

Top 10 industries invested by funds


2. Private Company Data: All current FiinPro customers will get free Profile Report of the top 500 Private companies operating in Vietnam such as Samsung Electronics, EVN, DOJI. These reports are made by Business Information division of FiinGroup. This means that FiinPro customers will have access to a dataset of more than 3,600 companies including public and private ones with a total revenue equivalent to 200% of Vietnam's GDP.

Revenue to GDP (2018)

Revenue by industry (2018)

And many more upgrades that improves users’ experience and speed include:

3. Data update Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly in the Market Statistics feature.

4. Updated form of Financial Statements of Securities Companies according to Circular 334/2016.

5. Export Excel function added for useful features including IPO statistics, SOE divestment, Corporate bond issuance, Stock issuance.

To proceed the upgrade, please close the current FiinPro window, wait about 30 seconds and then reopen FiinPro. All features of the system will be upgraded to the latest version.

To explore FiinPro Platform's impressive features, click here to register free trial: 

Should you need any help or support during the software upgrade process, please contact our Customer Care Department:

Do Thi Lan (Ms.)

Assistant Manager, Client Advisor

Email: lan.do@fiingroup.vn

Tel: +84-24-3562 6962-  ext.: 103  


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