[FiinPro Data] 894 companies have published financial statements with growth rate of attribute to parents company reached 10.4%

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[FiinPro Data] 894 companies have published financial statements with growth rate of attribute to parents company reached 10.4%

According to statistics from FiinPro Platform, as of 12 PM, 5th August 2019, there were a total of 894 enterprises announcing Q2-2019 Financial Statements (accounting for 89.8% of market capitalization on 3 Exchanges). We had made a quick summary and update the results as follows:

Overview: Revenue growth is 6.7% and Total Attribute to parents company’s growth is 10.4% over the same period. However, the rate excluding Banks and Insurance sector are only 4.7% and 4.9% respectively.

By Industry: Sectors with the highest Attribute to parents company growth over the same period were: Real Estate (67.13%), Telecommunications (42.11%), Retail (39.52%), Banks (25.9%).

  • Real estate: After VIC and VHM (accounting for 69% of total real estate capitalization) published their report with the growth rate of Attribute to parents company of 687.5% and 75.3% respectively, The whole real estate industry grew up to 67.1%, on top of the market. If VHM and VIC are not included, the real estate industry has net profit growth of only 24.5% over the same period. In addition, the industry EBITDA also increased by 72.8% over the same period.
  • Bank: All listed banks published report. Total Attribute to parents company of listed banks announced an increase of 25.9% compared to the same period last year.
  • Oil and gas: Profit growth was only 8.29% over the same period. The main reason is that PLX (accounting for nearly 72% of the industry's capitalization) slightly decreased by 3.42% of Attribute to parents company compared to the same period.
  • Insurance: A special case when the largest company in the industry BVH (accounting for over 70% of the industry cap) decreased by 23% compared to the same period, as a result, the industry growth went down from 66.5% to only 12.29%
  • Retail: Retail sector has impressive growth of 39.52% thanks to major companies like MWG, DGW with high-profit growth of 47.44% and 55.1% respectively.

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