Bao Minh Securities JSC (BMSC) has subscribed to FiinPro Platform to boost research efficiencies

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Bao Minh Securities JSC (BMSC) has subscribed to FiinPro Platform to boost research efficiencies

With the mission of providing customers the best consulting, financial services, and maintaining market transparency, Bao Minh Securities JSC (BMSC) always acquires and utilises the most comprehensive and accurate database for research process before serving their clients. For that purpose, BMSC recently registered for FiinPro - a professional financial database & analytics platform for Vietnam.

In 2008, Bao Minh Insurance Corporation, one of Vietnamese leading insurance firms, launched Bao Minh Securities JSC (BMSC) providing various financial services such as securities brokerage, investment advisory, proprietary trading, securities underwriting, investment banking for individual and institutional clients.


In order to conduct fast and accurate research process and help their clients make informed investment decisions, BMSC has strongly invested in technology and standardized information systems. Particularly, BMSC’s Research department has been using FiinPro Platform, the most comprehensive financial database and analytics system for Vietnam, since January 2017.


FiinPro helps BMSC’s analysts optimise time and costs of collecting, cleaning, verifying and analysing data by providing highly standardised information of nearly 3,000 public companies in Vietnam (accounting for 70% of Vietnam's GDP), macroeconomic data, banking & monetary market, industry data, level-2 trading data, financial news, M&A and IPO data and so on. All data provided by FiinPro is acquired from legislative sources such as the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, Business Registration Management Agency, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchanges, so the analysts can confidently make data-based investment plans and informed decisions.


Additionally, FiinPro Platform facilitates their financial analysis efficiencies with useful analytic tools such as Market Live, Investment Strategy Screening, Stock Screening, Market Statistics, Factor Returns, Data Explorer, etc.


Click here to explore more detailed information about FiinPro Platform and reasons why it was chosen and trusted by BMSC.

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