STOXPLUS provides data and co-organizes " with National Economics University for the contest "Practicing Analyzing Investment Opportunities And Stock Market"

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STOXPLUS provides data and co-organizes

Remarkably established in 2008, STOXPLUS - an associate company of Nikkei Inc. and QUICK Corp. (Japan), i is proud of being a leading financial and business information corporation in Vietnam. With ambition and long-term vision in 4.0 digital era, board of management at STOXPLUS has been constantly evolving and improving its database ecosystem.

After more than 10 years of development and being a reliable companion of many domestic and foreign entities, STOXPLUS was honored to receive the prestigious award "Best Research Company of Vietnam 2017" from Global Banking Magazine and Finance. Within 2018, STOXPLUS entered into Business Partnership and Data Vendor with the Agency for Business Registration (ABR). Not only contributing to Vietnam’s market capital through high-end products and services but also, via various conferences and professional events, STOXPLUS wants to promote Vietnam’s leadership and image to a more international and professional environment. 

Besides, STOXPLUS always supports universities having Finance - Banking major to help students possess the most worthwhile information. With impressive strength in data and expertise in the financial industry, STOXPLUS hopes to assist the student in enhancing their abilities and leveraging data thoroughly to analyze Vietnam's potential market.

STOXPLUS recently sponsored and co-organized with National Economics University to hold the contest “Practice Analyzing Investment Opportunities And Stock Market”. The contest has come to the sprint race with the most outstanding TOP 5 contestants.

On December 7, 2018, the TOP 5 had a chance to visit STOXPLUS headquarter in Hanoi and was provided with instructions on using FiinPro Platform - showing huge support and encouragement for participants to perform on the finale during Saturday, 15/12/2018.

TOP 5 was visiting STOXPLUS headquarter in Hanoi

The finale was organized successfully on Saturday - 15/12/2018.

STOXPLUS wants to inspire young generation in Vietnam by their supportive activities. Even though there are lots of financial competitions, however, the quality is not guaranteed. Hence, STOXPLUS has cooperated with university clubs to improve the content of the program. With their contribution, STOXPLUS wishes to build a professional playground for students to demonstrate abilities, own practical knowledge and gradually have career direction.

STOXPLUS does not only concentrate on business development but also portrays future prospects by enhancing human value.


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