StoxPlus Organizes 2-Day Training Workshop on "Financial Statements Analysis and Financial Statements Fraud Detection" for SSC Staff

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StoxPlus Organizes 2-Day Training Workshop on

On June 6 and 7, 2017, StoxPlus, with support from AFA Research & Education, organized a two day workshop on "Financial Statements Analysis and Financial Statements Fraud Detection" for over 50 staff of the State Securities Commission (SSC).

This is one of the activities within the framework of cooperation between StoxPlus and SSC under the Memorandum of Cooperation signed on 24/6/2016 and exchanged with the Human Resource Department of the SSC and approved by the SSC leaders.

This workshop aims to (1) equip SSC staff with the current quality of financial statements of public companies, (2) provide basic skills for assessing and detecting frauds in financial statements and (3) contributing to support the SSC with monitoring public companies, appraising securities issuance, disclosing information on the stock market as well as contributing to the development of related policies and supervision to improve the quality of financial statements and information disclosure on the stock market.

Two speakers, Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan –CEO of StoxPlus and Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long - Director of AFA Research & Education, fed workshop participants with practical and useful contents (1) identifying some indictors of financial statements cooking, (2) the methodology for identifying financial statements cooking, "(3) structure of financial statements and and some important accounting principles, (4) corporate governance and the cause of profit/loss management and accounting fraud, (5) the methodology for discovering profit/loss cooking and frauds and (6) fraudulent tactics in financial statements.

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